Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Moonlight Chinese Dance Association/Group (ref. as Moonlight ) was established in June 2003 by a group of Chinese folk dance lovers to promote the development and appreciation of Chinese dance and culture in southern California. Members unite from diverse backgrounds, from scientists, doctors, and computer engineers, to financial consultants, entrepreneurs, and CPAs. Our missions are to unite local people who appreciate Chinese arts and music, and to promote cultural exchange between Chinese community and other communities.

Moonlight performances include ethnic folk dances from Han, the majority ethnic group of China, and other minority groups, such as Dai, Zang, Yi, Meng, etc. Featuring traditional Chinese dance style and mixed with modern dance choreography, the dancers wearing bright colorful costumes and dancing to whimsical Chinese music to portray the lives of Chinese people and their love, joy and hope. Artful and fun promoting, the Moonlight dances delight both Chinese and American audiences.

Since its foundation, the Moonlight has seen tremendous growth, and continues to broaden its appeal. Dancers from Moonlight successfully performed in more than 50 local and international culture events, shows and special occasions. Among them, include annual appearances at the Chinese National Day celebration, Nations of San Diego, International Dance Festival, Asian Follies Bergere Summer Quest, BRAVO Performing Arts in San Diego, ACCEF Hands to Hearts Charity Showcase, Multicultural Festival, and San Diego Dragon Boat Festival. Special guest appearances included the 2008 Balboa Theater Grand Reopening Preview and 2008 Mexico Chinese New Year Celebration.

With passion, joy and dedication from all of our members, with encourage, support and appreciation from all audiences, the Moonlight Chinese Dance Group will grow with a bright promising future.

为了弘扬和传承中国民族舞蹈,圣地亚哥月光舞蹈团由一群热爱中国民族舞蹈的成员创立於2003年。团员们来自各行各业。他们中有科学家、会计师、工程师、医生和企业家等。我们的宗旨是团结本地喜爱中国舞蹈的同好,为华人和其它社区提供高品位、高质量的中国民族舞蹈,为传承中华文化尽一份心力。 月光舞蹈团自成立以来,在各界的爱护、鼓励和支持下,在团员们欢声笑语和辛勤汗水中日益成长壮大,奉献出一台又一台精彩的中国民族舞蹈。演出的舞蹈包括傣族舞、藏族舞、彝族舞、蒙古族舞和汉族舞等等;并且先后演出了“茉莉花”、“康定情歌”、“俏花旦”、“又见春雨”、“渔舟唱晚”、“红珊瑚”、“剪春”、“卓玛”、“我把白云采下来”、“万紫千红”、“为了爱”、“花儿为什么这样红”、“岁月如歌”、“菱花”、“妹妹要过河”、“梦回故乡”和“远行”等舞蹈。应邀参加了2003-2017国际舞蹈节、多民族艺术节、历届心手相连文艺晚会,和历年的国庆、新年等多次演出,受到各界人士的赞赏和肯定,好评如潮。

Association Artistic Director:
Amy Deng
Association Public Relation Contact:
Qing Li
(858) 2542808