Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Moonlight Chinese Dance Company (ref. as Moonlight ) was established in June 2003 by a group of Chinese folk dance lovers to promote the development and appreciation of Chinese dance and culture in southern California. Our missions are to unite local people who appreciate Chinese arts and music, and to promote cultural exchange between Chinese community and other communities.

Since the Moonlight was established, it has been dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and pursuing high-grade artistic quality. Moonlight has presented many spectacular Chinese folk dances for the Chinese community as well as for the American community. The dance performances include Han Dance (Jasmine, Red Ribbon Dance, Xiao He Tang Shui, Good Day, Taihu Lake, Wanquan River, Falling Flowers , Qiao Hua Dan, Red Coral, Chirping Birds, Yu Zhou Chang Wan, Beijing our hometown, Water Chestnut Flowers, Reminiscence of My Homeland); Dai Dance (Waterside, Enjoy the Spring Rain); Tibetan Dance (The Love Song of Kangding, Zhuo Ma, Sounds of Years); Yi dance (Friendship Forever, Song of Clouds, Colorful Rosy Clouds); Uygur dance (The Mystery of the Red Blossom); Hui dance (Bloom with Happiness); Tujia dance (Sister Crossing River); Mongolian Dance (Swan Geese, Far Away From Home); Korean dance (For Love) and etc. Moonlight was invited to participate in the 2003-2017 International Dance Festivals, Multi-culture Arts Festivals, 2006-2018 ACCEF Heart-to-Heart Hand-in-Hand Spring Festival Charity Series, San Diego International Music Arts Festival, Southern California "May Flower to Mom Grand Concert" and various events such as National Day and New Year celebration etc. Moonlight was also invited many times to go to Mexico to perform and was warmly welcomed by the local people and made significant contributions to promoting Chinese culture and arts. Moonlight won both highest awards (Elite Platinum Award and Judge’s Choice Award) in 2018 Regional Taoli World Dance Competition.

Since its foundation, the Moonlight has seen tremendous growth, and continues to broaden its appeal. With passion, joy and dedication from all of our members, with encourage, support and appreciation from all audiences, the Moonlight Chinese Dance Company will grow with a bright promising future.



Moonlight Artistic Director:
Amy Deng
Moonlight Public Relation Contact:
Qing Li
(858) 2542808